Alaska Infrastructure Development Symposium

September 25-27, 2023

Alaska Municipal League (AML), Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), and the Office of the Governor, along with other statewide partners, are looking forward to hosting the second annual Infrastructure Development Symposium in Anchorage from September 25-27, 2023. The symposium is structured to prepare Alaskans to take advantage of the significant opportunities provided for in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and other sources of federal infrastructure funding.

In conjunction with the Infrastructure Symposium, Alaska’s Congressional Delegation will host the third Alaska Grant Symposium on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Hotel Captain Cook.

Final Agenda

Updated 9.22.2023

Day One: Monday 25, September

Registration for Monday has already reached capacity.

Monday, September 25 – Infrastructure Progress and Potential

9:00am                Welcome and Introductions Fore Deck

  • Nils Andreassen, Alaska Municipal League
  • Nicole Borromeo, Alaska Federation of Natives
  • Shareen Crosby, Office of Infrastructure, State of Alaska

9:30am                State of Alaska, Planning and Implementation Progress Fore Deck

  • Katherine Keith, Alaska DOT&PF
  • Curtis Thayer, Alaska Energy Authority – Grid Resilience (presentation)
  • Akis Gialopsos, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (presentation)

10:30am                Break & Networking

11:00am                State of Alaska, Planning and Implementation Progress Fore Deck

  • Bryan Fisher, Alaska DHS&EM – State and Local Cybersecurity
  • Randy Bates, Alaska DEC – State Revolving Fund
  • Thomas Lochner, Alaska Broadband Office

12:00pm                Lunch (Buffet) – Seating in Adventure, Endeavor, Resolution

1:30pm                Partner Projects, Planning, and Implementation Progress

  • Dustin Madden and Francine Moreno, ANTHC
  • Nicole Borromeo, AFN
  • Jasmine Boyle, RurAL CAP (presentation)
  • Teri Cothren, University of Alaska (presentation)
  • Nils Andreassen, Alaska Municipal League (presentation)

3:00pm                Break & Networking

3:30pm                Project Bundling, Panel Discussion

  • Katherine Keith, Alaska DOT&PF
  • Shareen Crosby, Office of the Governor

4:30pm                Adjourn

Day Two: Tuesday 26, September

Registration for Tuesday has already reached capacity. Attendees are welcome to visit exhibitor booths in the morning and afternoon, but the lunch program is no longer available.

Tuesday, September 26 – Infrastructure Grants Symposium Hosted by the Congressional Delegation

10:00am             Concurrent Exhibit Rooms

  • Energy Club Room 1
  • Transportation Club Room 2
  • Water and Sewer, Solid Waste Whitby
  • Resilience & Environmental Resolution
  • Broadband Easter Island
  • Intersecting Issues Whale’s Tail

11:30am             Lunch Box lunches will be provided in all rooms to registered participants

1:30pm             Concurrent Exhibit Rooms

  • Energy Club Room 1
  • Transportation Club Room 2
  • Water and Sewer, Solid Waste Whitby
  • Resilience & Environmental Resolution
  • Broadband Easter Island
  • Intersecting Issues Whale’s Tail

4:00pm             Adjourn

5:00pm              Reception Quarterdeck

Day Three: Wednesday 27, September

Wednesday, September 27 – Infrastructure Implementation Work Sessions

8:30am             Concurrent Sessions 1

  • EV Deployment in Rural Alaska Resolution
  • Sustainable Energy Planning Club Room 2
  • Broadband Workforce Development Strategy Whitby
    • Marcia Olson and Mike Andrews
  • Project Pre-Development – Grant writing Quarterdeck
    • Kiernan Maletsky, HDR
  • Strengthening Communities with Water/Sewer Projects Easter Island
    • Angela Engelkes, Alaska Municipal League

10:00am             Break & Networking

10:30am             Concurrent Sessions 2

  • Alaska Grid Resilience Planning Resolution
    • Bryan Carey, PE, Alaska Energy Authority
    • Olivia Lee, Grid Deployment Office
  • Sustainable Energy Planning (continued) Club Room 2
  • State Revolving Fund Whitby
    • Carrie Bohan, DEC
  • Benefit Cost Analysis 101 – Grantwriting Quarterdeck
    • Stanley Wu, HDR
  • Disaster Resilience and Response Easter Island
    • Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

12:00pm             Continue Your Conversations (box lunches available for registered participants)

1:30pm             Concurrent Sessions 3

  • Affordable Connectivity Program Whitby
    • Jacquie Braden, RurAL CAP
  • Addressing Disadvantage and Equity in Grant Applications Resolution
    • Cathy LaFata, HDR
    • Laurie Cummings, HDR
  • Statewide Transportation Equity Planning Club Room 1
    • Judy Chapman, DOT&PF
  • Building Code Review Easter Island
    • AHFC
  • Energyshed in Northwest and Southeast Alaska Club Room 2
    • Rob Roys, Launch Alaska

3:00pm             Break & Networking

3:30pm             Concurrent Sessions 4

  • Energy Project Intake Hub Club Room 1
    • Griffin Plush, Alaska Municipal League
  • Leveraging Drone Technology with USDOT SMART Grant (ARROW) Easter Island
    • Ryan Marlow, UAS Program Coordinator, DOT&PF
    • Pat Dryer, Avalanche and Geohazard Specialist, DOT&PF
  • Building Partnerships for Effective Grant Proposals Resolution
    • Roundtable Discussion
  • Regional Transportation Plans Club Room 2
    • Judy Chapman, Alaska DOT&PF
  • Data Management and Review Whitby
    • Diane Hirshberg, ISER

5:00pm             Adjourn