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Good Neighbor Authority (GNA)

  • Title and Number:  Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) L24AS00188
  • Agency:  Bureau of Land Management
  • Deadline:  May 24, 2024
  • Grant Amount:  Minimum $5,000; Maximum $800,000
  • Funding Instrument Type:  CA – Cooperative Agreement
  • Available Funding:  $2,260,000
  • Number of Anticipated Awards:  8
  • Project Period:  Once awarded, projects cannot be for more than a five-year period
  • Match Required:  No

Purpose of Funding:  The Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) is intended to facilitate partnerships with states, counties, and federally recognized Indian tribes to plan and implement forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration projects. The GNA authority specifically authorizes treating insect-and disease-infested trees; reducing hazardous fuels; any other activities to restore or improve forest, rangeland, and watershed health, including fish and wildlife habitat. GNA applies to Federal land, non-Federal land, and land owned by an Indian tribe. Note: Under this program, BLM Alaska funds may be used for GNA projects on non-BLM managed lands if the project directly benefits BLM-managed lands.

Eligibility:  State governments, County governments, Federally recognized and non-Federally recognized Native American tribal governments.

Link to full announcement, and the application template under “other supporting documents”: