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The American Rescue Plan Act Emergency Rural Health Care Grant Program RHS-21-CF-0009

  • Granting Agency: Department of Agriculture, Rural Housing Service
  • Appropriation Amount: $500,000,000
  • Grant Amount: Based on the population to be served and the median household income of that population
  • Announcement Date: August 12, 2021
  • Closing Date: October 12, 2021

Federal Registry Notice
USDA Emergency Rural Health Care Grants Page
USDA-RD-ERHC Application Checklist

Purpose: Designed for essential community facilities located in rural areas, primarily serving rural areas, and serving populations with median household income that is lower than ninety percent of the State’s nonmetropolitan median household income. Within these parameters, the Agency is further encouraging investment in distressed communities. RD utilizes the Distressed Communities Index, developed by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), which combines seven publicly available metrics to assess the economic well-being of communities.

Eligible Expenditures: Grant funds must be used to support health care and nutritional assistance needs in correlation with the COVID-19 pandemic and as defined below. Funds may be requested for one or more purposes outlined below:
(1) Track One, Recovery funds must be used to support immediate health care needs stemming from the COVID- 19 pandemic, to support preparedness for a future pandemic event, and/or to increase access to quality health care services to improve community health outcomes. To be eligible for this program, a project must support the health care needs, including access to nutrition assistance through food banks and food distribution facilities, for a rural community(ies). Funds requested from the categories below may be requested for expenses incurred during the grant period and/or the eligible pre­award period dating back to March 13, 2020:
(2) Track Two, Impact funds must be used to support the long-term sustainability of rural health care. Long­term sustainability is defined as improved health outcomes, improved access to quality health care, and creating/maintaining sustainable economic development for small communities. Often, health care is the key economic driver for small rural communities and the closures of these facilities create negative ripple effects throughout the regional economy. Projects funded under Track Two, Impact funds must define how the proposed project will contribute to improving rural health care access, rural health outcomes, and/or the economic viability of rural health care.

Eligible Applicants:
Municipality, county, district, authority, or other political subdivisions of a State, Nonprofit corporation or association, and Federally recognized Indian Tribe, including a political subdivision of a Tribe, in a rural area.