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FY 2022 National Infrastructure Investments DTOS59-22-RA-RAISE

  • Granting Agency: Department of Transportation, 69A345 Office of the Under Secretary for Policy
  • Appropriation Amount: $1,500,000,000
  • Grant Amount:  Award Ceiling $25,000,000, Award floor $1,000,000,
  • Match: Per BIL, the Federal share of project costs for which an expenditure is made under the RAISE grant program may not exceed 80 percent unless the project is located in a rural area, a
    historically disadvantaged community, or an area of persistent poverty. (see NOFO for more information)
  • Announcement Date: January 14, 2022
  • Closing Date: April 14, 2022

Office of Infrastructure Finance and Innovation
Recent examples of funded Projects

The BIL also directs that not more than 50 percent of the funds provided for RAISE grants (or $750 million) shall be awarded to rural projects and directs that not more than 50 percent of
the funds provided for RAISE grants (or $750 million) shall be awarded to urban projects. Further, DOT must consider geographical and modal diversity.

Purpose: For surface transportation infrastructure projects that will have a significant local or regional impact

Eligible Expenditures: (see Federal Notice for more details)
The eligibility requirements of RAISE allow project sponsors at the State and local levels to obtain funding for multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional projects that are more difficult to support through traditional DOT programs. RAISE can fund port and freight rail projects, for example, which play a critical role in our ability to move freight, but have limited sources of Federal funds. RAISE can provide capital funding directly to any public entity, including municipalities, counties, port authorities, tribal governments, MPOs, or others in contrast to traditional Federal programs which provide funding to very specific groups of applicants (mostly State DOTs and transit agencies). This flexibility allows RAISE and our traditional partners at the State and local levels to work directly with a host of entities that own, operate, and maintain much of our transportation infrastructure, but otherwise cannot turn to the Federal government for support

Eligible Applicants:
Eligible Applicants for RAISE Transportation Discretionary Grants are States and the District of Columbia; any territory or possession of the United States; a unit of local government; a public agency or publicly chartered authority established by 1 or more States; a special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority; a federally recognized Indian Tribe or a consortium of such Indian Tribes; a transit agency; and a multi-State or multijurisdictional group of entities. Multiple States or jurisdictions may submit a joint application and must identify a lead applicant as the primary point of contact. Each project party in a joint application must be an Eligible Applicant. Joint applications must include a description of the roles and responsibilities of each project party and must be signed by each project party.

For further information concerning this notice please contact the RAISE grant program staff via e-mail at, or call Howard Hill at 202-366-0301. A TDD is available
for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing at 202-366-3993. In addition, DOT will post answers to questions and requests for clarifications on DOT’s website at Until the final NOFO is published on or before January 30, 2022, the Department may provide limited responses to applicant inquiries.