• Granting Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
  • Appropriation Amount: $500,000
  • Grant Amount:  $100,000, no match
  • Announcement Date: March 28, 2022
  • Closing Date: May 12, 2022

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Purpose: To address hazardous waste management issues, EPA is responsible for implementing the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C program, 42 U.S.C 6901, et seq. The RCRA Subtitle C program is a comprehensive effort to ensure that hazardous waste is managed safely from “cradle to grave” from the moment it is generated; while it is transported, treated, or stored; until it is finally re-used or disposed of in a safe manner. This program helps achieve that goal in tribal communities.

Eligible Expenditures:

This grant program will support projects designed to develop and implement hazardous waste management programs. These programs must improve the applicant’s ability to properly identify, manage, or dispose of hazardous waste. The seven project types listed below are hazardous waste management activities that support the RCRA Subtitle C “cradle to grave” approach to managing hazardous waste and are acceptable for funding. Applicants must address at least one project type in their application:

1. Hazardous Waste Identification;
2. Hazardous Waste Generator Siting, Monitoring, and Compliance (Large Quantity, Small Quantity, and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators/Very Small Quantity Generators);
3. Hazardous Waste Minimization and Recycling, and the Management of Used Oil, and Universal Wastes;
4. Hazardous Waste Transportation;
5. Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility Siting, Permitting, Monitoring, Corrective Action, and Enforcement;
6. Land Disposal Restrictions; and
7. Combustion.

Eligible Applicants:

Applications will be accepted from (a) an Indian tribal government, or (b) an intertribal consortium or consortia. An Indian tribal government is any tribe, band, nation, or other organized group or community, including any Alaska Native village or regional or village corporation (as defined in or established pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, 43 U.S.C. 1601, et seq.), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior as eligible for the special services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians. A consortium is a partnership between two or more Indian tribal governments authorized by the governing bodies of those tribes to apply for and receive assistance under this program. For certain competitive funding opportunities under this assistance listing description, the Agency may limit eligibility to compete to a number or subset of eligible applicants consistent with the Agency’s Assistance Agreement Competition Policy.