Climate Pollution Reduction Grant

Opportunity for Alaska

The EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program is funding state and tribal work to develop two types of plans over the next two years: a priority plan (PCAP) due March and April, 2024 and a comprehensive plan (CCAP) due summer 2025. These plans will identify programs, policies, and projects (i.e., measures) that reduce air pollution emissions while providing community benefits such as decreased energy costs, cleaner air, and quality jobs.

In September 2023, the funding opportunity for CPRG’s $4.6 billion competitive implementation grant program which will fund the measures identified in the state and tribal plans – the general competition for this funding opportunity closes April 1, with the tribal set-aside closing on May 1. Draft plans will be available before March 1 to support applications for the CPRG implementation grant. As a source of no-match funding, this is a unique opportunity for infrastructure efforts around the state.

How to be Involved

The Alaska Municipal League is working for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to complete the Priority Sustainable Energy Action Plan (PSEAP) to serve as Alaska’s PCAP for the Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program. Priorities for this plan are GHG reduction measures that help Alaska communities achieve energy cost reductions, quality of life, and energy independence. Alaska’s CPRG efforts will help state agencies, local governments, and tribes develop priority measures to be included in the plan to be eligible for the general competition of CPRG implementation grants, which closes April 1, 2024.

The Alaska Sustainable Energy Action Plan (PSEAP) will be available for public and stakeholder review in January 2024.

Please contact Griffin Plush with the Alaska Municipal League to learn how to engage with this planning process.

Many tribal governments and consortia around Alaska have received funding to complete PCAPs under CPRG as well. The ANTHC Rural Energy Program is completing PCAPs for all tribal communities not already served by another CPRG planning grant. The tribal set-aside of CPRG implementation grants close on May 1, 2024.

Energy Hub Project Intake Survey

Share details of your projects with funders and Technical Assistance providers. Have your project-type measure considered for Alaska’s CPRG plans.

CPRG Measure Proposal Form

For program and policy-type measures, you can complete this form to help Alaska’s CPRG planners consider your effort for inclusion in a CPRG plan.