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Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV)

  • Granting Agency: DCRA and Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant
  • Appropriation Amount: $5,700,000
  • Grant Amount: Award Ceiling $850,000
  • Closing Date: February 4, 2022, 4:30 PM


Purpose: The overall mission of the State of Alaska CDBG-CV Program is to enhance the quality of life for low
and moderate-income residents, particularly in rural Alaska by preventing, preparing for, and
responding to coronavirus. The CDBG-CV Program fulfills this mission by acting upon its defined goals
and objectives.

Eligible Expenditures:
The State of Alaska CDBG-CV Program may only be used to fund community development activities
carried out to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. By law, use of funds for any other
purpose is unallowable. Note: Community Development activities do not include the purchase of
any personal property or equipment unless it is attached to a facility or building and considered an
“integral structural feature.”
The following examples of eligible activities for CDBG-CV are for general reference only. Each
community is encouraged to consult with CDBG-CV Program staff about project eligibility and
structure. A complete list of eligible and ineligible activities can be found in the Federal Register
(Docket No. FR-6218-N-01), III.B.5/ (f) Eligible Activities.
Examples of Eligible Activities:
 Reconfiguration of interior space to reinforce social distancing recommendations.
 Interior physical barriers such as clear plexiglass in public areas.
 Ventilation systems (i.e., high-efficiency particulate air [HEPA] filters, air purifiers,
 Temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors to reduce airborne transmission.
 Stand-alone sinks or handwashing areas.
 Replacement of fixed windows with operable windows.
 Accessibility improvements for persons with disabilities that reduce contact.
 Installation of drive-through or walk-up windows.
 Technology improvements, such as fiber-optic lines and ethernet cabling to support remote
 Modification of roadways and sidewalks to allow for social distancing.
 Creation of outdoor areas with shade covers and seating that ensure physical distancing.
 Exterior physical barriers such as fencing or planters.

Eligible Applicants:

Any municipal government entity, as defined by Title 29 of the Alaska Statutes, i.e., home rule, first, second, and third-class boroughs, unified municipalities, and first and second-class cities, which exercise powers consistent with the proposed project, including the Municipality of Anchorage.
An eligible applicant, as defined above, may submit a CDBG-CV application in cooperation with a nonmunicipal entity such as a Native Village Council or a non-profit corporation organized under Alaska Statute (AS) 10.20, which is in good standing with the State of Alaska. The proposed project must principally benefit low and moderate income residents of the municipal government entity. A Cooperative Agreement (see Appendix F) is required between all parties.

Two or more eligible applicants, as defined above, may submit a joint CDBG-CV application if they have identified a mutual need which may be addressed more appropriately together rather than individually. A Joint Application Agreement (see Appendix E) would be required between all parties.

More information can be found on the DCRA COVID-19 RESOURCES FOR COMMUNITIES page.