• Notice of Opportunity (NOFO):   # EPA-R-OAR-CPRGT-23-09
  • Agency:  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Deadline:   May 1, 2024
  • Grant Amount:  $1M to $25M
  • Available Funding: $300M
  • Number of Anticipated Awards: 25 to 100 grants for Tribes and Territories
  • Match Required:

Purpose of Funding (fields of work and funding uses):  This CPRG tribes and territories competition for implementation grants is designed to enable tribes and territories to achieve the following goals: 1. Implement ambitious measures that will achieve significant cumulative GHG reductions by 2030 and beyond; 2. Pursue measures that will achieve substantial community benefits (such as reduction of criteria air pollutants (CAPs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs); 3. Complement other funding sources to maximize these GHG reductions and community benefits; and, 4. Pursue innovative policies and programs that are replicable and can be “scaled up” across multiple jurisdictions. This competition is also designed to incentivize eligible applicants to apply for funding together as a coalition to implement GHG reduction measures regionally. Details on eligible applicants and coalitions are available in Section III.A of the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

Eligibility:  Applications for grants under this NOFO must seek funding to implement measures that are included in a Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) developed with funding from a CPRG planning grant. Implementation grant applications can be submitted not just by the lead organization that received CPRG planning grant funds (“lead organization”), but also by tribes, territorial municipalities, and tribal and territorial agencies that did not directly receive planning grant funds but that seek funding to implement one or more measures included in an applicable PCAP.

Link to more information:  https://www.grants.gov/search-results-detail/350253