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2022 National Scenic Byways Program

  • Granting Agency: Federal Highway Admin, USDOT
  • Appropriation Amount: $22,000,000
  • Grant Amount:  Varies
  • Announcement Date: March 16, 2022
  • Closing Date: May 16, 2022, Letter of Intent by April 4

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There is a webinar for prospective applicants on March 31, 2022.

Purpose: This program is to fund projects that enhance designated scenic byways.

Eligible Expenditures:

Under 23 U.S.C. 162(c), eligible projects to receive a NSBP grant are limited to the following:

1. An activity related to the planning, design, or development of a State or Indian Tribe scenic byway program.
2. Development and implementation of a corridor management plan to maintain the scenic, historical, recreational, cultural, natural, and archaeological characteristics of a byway corridor while providing for accommodation of increased tourism and development of related amenities.
3. Safety improvements to a State scenic byway, Indian Tribe scenic byway, National Scenic Byway, All-American Road (collectively America’s Byways®) to the extent that the improvements are necessary to accommodate increased traffic and changes in the types of vehicles using the highway as a result of the designation as a State scenic byway, Indian Tribe scenic byway, National Scenic Byway, or All-American Road.
4. Construction along a scenic byway of a facility for pedestrians and bicyclists, rest area, turnout, highway shoulder improvement, overlook, or interpretive facility.
5. An improvement to a scenic byway that will enhance access to an area for the purpose of recreation, including water-related recreation.
6. Protection of scenic, historical, recreational, cultural, natural, and archaeological resources in an area adjacent to a scenic byway.
7. Development and provision of tourist information to the public, including interpretive information about a scenic byway.
8. Development and implementation of a scenic byway marketing program

NSBP eligible projects may only be implemented on highways designated in 23 U.S.C.
162(b)(1)(A)(i) – (v) as follows:
1. National Scenic Byways;
2. All-American Roads;
3. America’s Byways1
4. State scenic byways; or
5. Indian Tribe scenic byways.

Eligible Applicants:

Eligible applicants for NSBP discretionary grants are State DOTs and Indian Tribes. Other entities may partner with a State DOT or Tribal government to submit an application, but the eligible applicant must be a State DOT or Indian Tribe.